Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Announcing My Book

This blog is intended to serve two purposes: 1. Test the Blogspot software to see if they have fixed the problem of running everything together, and 2. Announce the publication of my new book, Freedom or Serfdom? The Case for Limited, Constitutional Government and Against Statism. 396 pages plus an extensive index, available at Amazon or at https://www.createspace.com/5514728. This book, is in my opinion, the most comprehensive book available in support of freedom. It not only references many sources but includes many of my own contributions, including: Emphasis on statism vs freedom to get away from the unproductive use of terms such as liberal, conservative, socialist, etc. Freedom is an aberration, very unusual in our world. It is an unstable state and we will lose it unless we fight to keep it. Government exists because we delegate to government some of our rights. We cannot delegate rights we do not have. We have no right to enslave others, to take from some and give to others etc. Therefore we cannot delegate those non-existent rights to government. We have a right to an important nothing, negative vs positive rights. Too many people ignore information and go along with groupthink, to the detriment of freedom. How tunnel vision allows statism to increase. We must learn to ignore the mud-slinging and pay attention to the important, but at the same time recognize real lack of integrity and reject politicians who lack integrity. The worst tend to rise in any statist government. (Included in Hayek’s bookm The Road to Serfdom, but as far as I know, not in any current literature aimed at the citizens.) Political leaders are not special, they are selected from among the imperfect people actually available in this world. Worse, they are selected from the extroverts rather than the wise. Statism and totalitarianism can happen here unless we fight it. (Included in Hayek’s book but, as far as I know, not in any current literature aimed at the citizens.) Proposed constitutional amendment to require senators and representatives to work in jobs having nothing to do with government for three years to be able to serve. Constitutional amendment to rein in bureaucratic rule. Constitutional amendment forcing sunset of laws unless approved by a supermajority of Congress. Constitutional amendment giving courts the task of reviewing lawsuits for validity and allowing for countersuits when appropriate. World government will almost certainly be taken over by tyrants. If there are any readers still out there for this blog I think you will enjoy the book. And if this comes through in readable form, I'll start posting blogs again.

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