Thursday, February 4, 2010

Swan Song

Well the time has come. I have enjoyed the last several months of blogging and the comments several people have kindly made. However the time has come to end it and devote my time to something I hope will be more remunerative. Therefore this will be my last regular blog here. It is possible I may post something from time to time but don’t count on it.

I’ll finish up with a short “This and That” column.

I can remember way back when a liberal was generous with his own money.

If Dante were to write his “Inferno” today, his inner circle of Hell would probably include whoever decreed that every apple, peach, pear and plum have a little sticker on it that is difficult to remove and which conveys no information the customer does not already know.

Why are there so many ads on the radio with fake British accents? Are listeners supposed to think that Englishmen are somehow smarter or more trustworthy than our own citizens?

It's amazing how many of the same people who blame the drug problem on drug users and their appetites then turn around and blame fast food restaurants for people's appetite for unhealthy food.*

If common sense is so common, please explain why two perennially popular book categories are diet books and cook books.

“Follow the money.” That is the advice given for determining if a report can be trusted. It has been used to try to discredit scientists who doubt man-made global warming. It should also be applied to supporters of that idea, many of whom stand to benefit financially or in terms of political power by pushing that idea.

Why is it that a woman with straight hair will want to get it curled and a woman with naturally curly hair will want it straightened?

*Credit where credit is due: I got that idea from a Mallard Fillmore comic strip.

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Bob said...

Hate to see you go. It's hard to find a blog worthy of posting on. I will miss your common sense and wisdom. Good luck in your future endeavor.
P.S. I mentioned in an earlier post about Dan Carlin's podcasts called "Common Sense with Dan Carlin" and "Hardcore History" I hope you will check them out sometime.