Monday, September 14, 2009

This and That

Before rejecting something as “simplistic” we should remember that in the old story it took a simple child to point out that the emperor was naked as a jaybird.

Come to think of it, just how naked is “naked as a jaybird” anyway? I've not noticed jaybirds being any more naked than any other birds.

And if someone is “dead as a doornail,” just how dead is he? I'm not sure that doornails are any deader than roof nails, framing nails or coffin nails.

If common sense is so common, please explain the people who go from their air-conditioned offices in their air-conditioned cars to their air-conditioned clubs – where they sit in the sauna.

A “single-payer” healthcare system? Just who is this single payer who will provide health care for the entire country? No, the term is just a cover-up for forcing millions of taxpayers to pay for the care of others. It's not a single-payer, it would involve millions of payers.

Why is it considered a public service job to lobby government for money to create a museum or orchestra, but establishing a company that will bring in food to feed a city or build housing for people to live in is called private greed?

As I write this, millions of Americans are ill-clothed, ill-fed, and ill-housed. They're on vacation.

Stuffed shirts are usually starched – and accompanied by a suit and tie.

Churchill is credited with saying “Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick himself up and continue on as though nothing had happened.”

The successful believe that their success is due to their own hard work and ability. The unsuccessful credit the success of others to luck. In fact success is usually the result of work, ability, and luck.

The prepared may not always get lucky, but the unprepared repel good luck as effectively as a spider repels an arachnophobic.

It's amazing how many people with million dollar houses spend their weekends on boats smaller than a poor man's cottage.

Anyone who wants to be president of this country has already shown himself not wise enough to do the job.

A dog can make a good living by wagging its tail. Humans, lacking tails, actually have to work.

However we should not forget that the Lord did not curse Adam with work. He cursed the earth to force Adam to work, and did that for Adam's sake. Apparently He thought work is good for us.

I'm not afraid of hard work. I can lie down and go to sleep right beside it.

It has long been understood that if you want less of something you should tax it. My state of Oregon now wants to tax health insurance and medical services. I guess our governor and legislature want us to have less medical care and insurance.

During the middle ages the Islamic world was the major force in the preservation and advancement of science and literature. Yet that group spawned the Islamic fanatics who now glory in murder and oppose broad-based education. If we understand how that happened, maybe we can prevent other institutions from spawning similar fanatics.

If Dante were to write his “Inferno” today, his inner circle of Hell would probably include the guy who invented that impossible-to-open wrapping used on new CD's and DVD's.

Too many people confuse change with improvement. That is especially true of politicians and some voters. While improvement requires change, not all change is improvement.

It's interesting how many young women will scream at a mouse, then get in a car with a guy they barely know.

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